Old-age pension

Regular old-age pension
When you reach the standard retirement age, you are entitled to an old-age pension. If you were born before 1 January 1953, you reach the standard retirement age when you turn 65. If you were born after 31 December 1952, the standard retirement age is raised as follows:

Variable pension start date
You can bring forward your pension start date by up to 60 months. For each month brought forward, the pension is reduced by
0.37 %. The reduction is made from the early pension, not from the standard old-age pension.

You can also apply to defer the start of your pension for up to 36 months. For each month of pension deferral, the acquired standard old-age pension increases by 0.47 %. If you pay contributions, the monthly pension entitlement increases by an additional 0.47 % of the contributions paid.

A retroactive application is not possible.

Additional income
You will receive your pension regardless of whether you continue to work as a doctor, receive other pensions or other income.

You can find the pension application form and further information here.