Self-employed doctors

Welcome to the Ärzteversorgung Sachsen-Anhalt

As a member of the Ärztekammer Sachsen-Anhalt, you are a member of the Ärzteversorgung Sachsen-Anhalt.

Your compulsory contribution amounts to 18.60 % of the annual income from self-employed doctors, not more than 10/10. In this income-related assessment, your income must be proven by the income tax notice.

Contribution level
If you choose an income-independent assessment, you do not have to provide a proof of income. You will then pay a contribution level, at least 10/10 to a maximum of 15/10.

If you have paid contributions to another Ärzteversorgung for less than 97 months and you are not yet 50 years old, you can apply for the transfer of contributions. The application shall be submitted within six months of the commencement of employment.